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(Archived) When I delete a note, cursor moves back to top of list!


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Why is it that when I delete a note, the "cursor" in the list goes right back to the top, so I lose my place in the list? Surely the sensible behaviour would be to move to the next or previous record? In searching about this on the forum, I saw another guy saying that his DID do the sensible behaviour .. so is it just something screwy in my settings? It's very annoying  because when I'm going through a list deleting old notes, I constantly have to scroll back to find my place.


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This has always been very annoying.

Not working in 5.1.2

Scrolling back down the list to find where you were up to after deleting a note is time consuming.

I agree if the list panel can simply move to "Next note" rather than back to the top that  would be a great improvement.

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