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FEATURE REQUEST - Recently used fonts


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This was probably discussed before, but quick search didn't give me any results.


When you write something in MS Word and use several fonts, these recent fonts appear on the top of drop-down fonts selection menu and thus you have quick access to them. Same feature would be more than appreciated in Evernote - I have tons of fonts installed in my system but for notes I usually use just a couple of them. Mainly, Arial, which is a default font and some monospace fonts like Ubuntu font, Courier New, or Consolas. Scrolling through the whole list every time I want to use Ubuntu font is just killing me :)


This doesn't seem like a tough thing to do but would increase productivity and UX a lot.





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One thing that can help with that list is that if you know the name of the typeface you are looking for, you can just start typing it, and you will auto-scroll to matching names.

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