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(Archived) Feedback: Text Editor Behavior


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I recently downloaded Evernote for Windows and wanted to make a few suggestions that would improve the experience (at least for me):


* Keyboard customization. I use Visual Studio and Notepad++ a lot, which map F3 to "Find Next". I would love to be able to change this from Ctrl-g.

* When I search for something in a note, I'll expect Esc to close the search box and put the text cursor immediately after the end of the text that I just searched for. Instead focus always seems to go to the top of the note. This is very frustrating!

* The "Related Notes" section that appears underneath a note seems to cause some rendering glitches when I scroll. Scrolling up seems sluggish until the Elephant image has completely disappeared. It creates a tugging effect while scrolling up a note. It's a little hard to describe the issue, but Everynote always seems to chug slightly while the Elephant image and Related Notes section are visible.




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I also have the scrolling artifacts problem:




However, if I pay close attention, the glitches are still a problem when I turn off Related Notes. Looks like a rendering oversight.


It's worth noting that otherwise I really appreciate the 5.x update. The application looks and feels much more modern.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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