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(Archived) Help! Problem with sorting note titles





I'm an undergrad and use Evernote as my primary note-taking app, and it's wonderful. However, I've recently run into a problem regarding note titles. I usually put the lecture number then the topic of the said lecture. Ie, 1. Defining Abnormality. Today, I created a note for my tenth lecture and instead of it going underneath the preceding note 9, it went under the first note. Is there a way to fix this? I'm titling my notes this way because I can't find a way to change the creation date (I've searched the forum/web endlessly to no avail), and I was using Word beforehand so I had to transfer all my notes which resulted in the creation dates being all messed up. I'm not sure if I'm just doing something wrong, but it seems silly that such a great app isn't capable of counting one to ten...By the way, I have it set to sort by title, if that helps. 



Thanks in advance! 



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Computers can be strange beasts sometimes. If you want to stay with your numbering system, you will have to add one zero in front of the number (max of 99 lectures). If you expect no more than 999 lecture notes, you could use 2 zeroes. My preference would be 2 or maybe 3, just to be on the safe side.


001 - subject

002- subject

010- subject

011- subject

012- subject

100- subject

101- subject

205- subject


My preference would be to add a date prefix, instead of the numbering system mentioned above.

20131009 - Subject

20131010 - Subject

20131128 - Subject

20140425 - Subject


Changing the creation date would be the easiest. I can do it in Windows. Not sure about the Mac.

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