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(Archived) Best file format/ size for receipts and other images

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I read the email about Shoebox and Evernote being compatible. I already own Neat receipts, but I could conceivably upload my receipts to Evernote if that would make them more useful. What I would want ultimately is something that would OCR and pull out not just the total and tax as NR does, but the individual items to be put in a budget spreadsheet. For now I was seeing just how searchable a reciept is in Evernote. So far it isn't reading it very well. Is there an optimum file format and size? NR export to PDF, searchable PDF, HTML, and quite a few other choices. What is the best format to send files to Evernote for space and usability?

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I think a Searchable PDF would be the best bet if you like the OCR being done by Neat Receipts. This adds an OCR text layer into the PDF which we will index for searching on our client.

If you really don't like the OCR performance from Neat Receipts, then I think a JPEG into Evernote might be your best bet. We would process this in our service and you could then search for these notes in Evernote.

In either case, you don't need to use an extremely high resolution scan.

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