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(Archived) Sharing Synchronization Issues

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I'm a premium Evernote user, and I've been trying to share a grocery list with two of my family members, both of which have free accounts.  I'm finding this more of a challenge than I expected.  We keep 'losing' information.  We keep a bulleted checklist, they add and check things off as we purchase them, and I clean the list up by removing checked off items.  What I am finding is that we don't always see each other's changes, even though I am careful to synchronize both before and after editing.  Sometimes I will see a history of conflicts and sometimes my changes will just disappear, overwritten by theirs.  I understand that the software may be functioning properly, but maybe we are using it incorrectly.  Do you have any hints for how we can better use the software so that we are not losing data?


Thanks so much!



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If you're using this as a live shopping list I'm guessing this is on a mobile client?  Syncing is only possible when you have a network data connection and local connectivity might be spotty,  or (on some clients) you might have a "wifi only" setting which requires that service for syncing.  Tapping 'sync' is only good if you're connected...


Are you all submitting changes at the same time?  Or is this an activity spread over hours or days?

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