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(Archived) Link to notes on google calendar event

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Hello, when I create a link to a note and paste it in the description field of an event of google calendar, it doesn't work.

That means that the link in the form "evernote:///view/ etc." is not clickable, i.e., it doesn't open evernote app then the note linked.

It would be a great feature, I'm so disappointed it doesn't work...

Am I missing something?

Thank you for helping

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If you use Share / Copy Note URL you'll get a link to the web version of that note which will be accessible anywhere you can use Google.  But beware that anyone with that URL can see the note.  It's no longer private.


Direct links to the file on your hard drive would only be available on that computer.  I think I've seen some comments that links from Calendar don't work - you could try creating a shortcut to the note on your desktop and drag/ dropping it into Calendar,  but if that doesn't work it's a Google issue,  not an Evernote one.

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