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How are Related Notes supposed to work in Evernote?

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I've been using Evernote for about a year and have really been trying to actually realize it's power the past few months. It's been great, but one of the features that's always befuddled me is that of Related Notes.
Maybe I'm mis-understanding it's functionality, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it's seems like it's rarely spot on. For most things I'd probably be fine just ignoring them, but sometimes it would be a really helpful feature if it worked the way I thought it would (or, at least I understood the way it was supposed to work). 
For example, my wife and I have recently found out that she's pregnant and due to have our first baby next June. So, I've created a Notebook called 'Baby' and have already saved a couple articles on things like 'What to expect...' and tips for expectant Dad's. This morning I searched for ways that users are using Evernote to organize things for a pregnancy and came across this article on the Evernote blog. Which is great. But, when the web clipper (I'm on Chrome, btw) comes up it'll come up as the notebook for 'Productivity'. I can kind of understand that because I also have some clippings in that notebook from blog.evernote.com, so the fact it didn't get it the first time is fine. But, if I clip multiple articles of this same blog post it keeps coming up like that. Does it only look at the website address when trying to predict the proper notebook? I would have expected it to search through the indexed notes I have to predict a proper Notebook to start with.
Also, after I clip it and I get the dialog showing it was complete with a few "Related Notes" it again shows me notes that are related to the website address, not the content of the notes. I guess this would be fine except there's already a second option there for seeing related notes only for that website. Again, this would be a very helpful feature would clipping notes related to baby/pregnancy stuff, but I don't get how this is working.
On the Windows client I'm getting mixed results in that I'll get some notes that are actually related to the article I just clipped and then I'll get one that's not related at all. 
I guess I'm just trying to figure out how this works and if I'm using it wrong or if this is just a bug everyone seems to be experiencing. Judging from other posts I've read on here it seems like this is a feature that's not quite there yet...

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Hi - I think "using" the related notes functionality in any respect would be pretty risky.  I look on it as an occasionally useful,  frequently amusing and largely cosmetic thing that will be a good idea when it actually works.  It's not worth worrying about at this stage.

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