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REQUEST: Different options on quit



hi, just started using evernote and it's a great app. one thing that mystifies me however is the lack of syncing upon desktop app quit. you can set sync interval in prefs, as well as "warn me if i quit while syncing" - but neither of those takes care of a vital and simple task - syncing automatically when you quit.

e.g.: you open a note in evernote, edit it, and quit. assuming you quit before sync interval has passed, when you go to your iphone - changes not there! or let's say evernote has been open for a long time, you pop in to edit a note, or create a new one, and then log out and run to a meeting. no sync!


shouldn't there be an option to sync when quitting, on by default? and/or an option, if you don't mind the bandwidth, to sync whenever you finish editing a note? that would take care of auto log outs or sleep issues...

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Here's one more suggestion for consideration; when I accidentally press the 'Quit' command, the "Your changes haven't been synced" popup window should include a 'Cancel' option, similar to the Mac OS option when sending the 'Restart' command. Currently, the only options are "Quit Now' and 'Sync before quitting'

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Thanks for your quick reply... In my version (3.0.6), the two options are 'Quit' and 'Sync before quit' and the latter doesn't cancel the quit. So when I accidentally press the 'Quit' command, it quits with or without syncing, and I'd like the option to cancel the quit and stay in the program.

I hope this helps... Thanks..

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Hmm, I feel like I've accidentally hit Cmd+Q, then pressed "Sync before quitting," then continued to use Evernote as normal, without the program closing on me. Maybe if you make edits while that sync is in progress it doesn't go through with the quit? For what it's worth, though, I'm using 3.1.0 beta 2.

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before the last update, when I quit Evernote it used to automatically log me out. Now, if I don't want others to enter my Evernote, I have to log out first then quit it. I don't think this is very clever, specially in some offices or in other places where you sometimes shre your computer with others, or others may access it during lunch hours, for example. If you don't know this "new feature", your data may be exposed to curious people.

Maybe you could include an option for logging out when quitting on preferences so, those like me to prefer the old way can use it and those who prefer the new way will still be happy.


José Eduardo

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