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(Archived) Feature Req: Cmd/Ctrl+S = Sync

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Windows users have long been accustomed to using Ctrl+S to Save the contents of their documents when in editing mode. Of course, this function is not necessary when using a database software like Evernote. However, there is a highly related application for Ctrl+S that would provide a subtle productivity benefit to a number of users.


As I use Evernote I often share my note for clients and stakeholders to view online. After sharing I may choose to update my note's content, in which case I have to be sure to Sync in order to "save" the latest updates to the online version.


I constantly find myself reaching for Ctrl+S to "Save" my changes to the cloud. How helpful it would be if Evernote used that shortcut (in addition to F9) to Sync the contents of any note that was already shared.

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kvitekp, from evernote has posted about this before:

Ctrl+S forces the current note to be saved. It's not required since the note will be saved anyway when the focus moves elsewhere or after every 30 seconds, however some people have Ctrl+S wired in their muscle memory to Save operation, so it would be a disaster to wire it up to anything else.


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