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(Archived) Reading Open Office docs on the iPhone?

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This is one awesome app!

I just signed up for a premium membership and noticed I can view Word files attached to a note from my iPhone, but not Open Office files. Are there any plans to add this any time soon?

- wittfam

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When you view an MS Office document on the iPhone, we are just rendering a web page that contains a link to the Office doc. When you click on the document, your iPhone web browser downloads that and then opens it in the MS Office viewer on the iPhone. I.e. Evernote didn't actually implement the viewer for each Office document ... it's part of the iPhone OS and mobile Safari.

This means that the Open Office support would also depend on Apple to implement. We don't really have the resources to implement an Open Office rendering engine for the iPhone ourselves, but we'd love to see Apple roll it into the OS like they did with the Office support.

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