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(Archived) Feature Request: Interoperable fonts between Windows/Mac

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I already wrote about it here, but I think nobody notice because it was on the wrong forum.


I use both Mac and Windows versions of Evernote, I take notes containing source code and usually change the source code to be in a monospaced font, and sometimes change the color to highlight stuff. I found that the default monospace font for mac/windows are not "compatible" so when I look at those notes in the other evernote and the font is translated to some other font (not monospaced) and the color information is lost. It would be nice if Evernote could translate/replace fonts taking into account if they are monospaced or not. It would also interesting that the UI of evernote let you select fonts from an already preselected subset of interoperable fonts (fonts known to be present on both platforms).

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