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(Archived) Iphone5S sync issues


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I have a new Iphone5S and it is not syncing with my Mac or Evernote browser.   When I add a new note or edit on my Mac or browser it shows up on the mac and the browser but not the Iphone5S.  If I make a note or edit on the Iphone it does not sync with the Mac or browser so the issue is with the new Ios7 and 5S. 

I read where the fix is to reload the Ap on the Iphone5S but the problem with that is I've made several changes that I would lose if I deleted the Ap and reloaded because I've been making changes to Evernote on my Iphone and they were not syncing with my Mac or browswer.   Is there a way to export all the my notes at one time versus one at time?  It would take days if i had to do each note at a time.  Or I am missing simple step which would not involve killing the Ap on the iphone?


Thank you!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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