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(Archived) No notes, just notebooks


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I had to reset my phone and have re-installed the evernote app. Now, all that will sync are the notebooks names. No notes. If I look evernote via the web, all my notes are there but they won't sync to my iPhone. I've tried:

- logout / login

- remove app / re-install

- "Sync Now" option


All to no avail. I'm not getting an error, simply no notes...


If I create a new note from the iPhone, it syncs just fine. Same for creating a new note from the PC.


Why won't existing notes sync?!?!?!


Any ideas?


iOS 7.0.2

iPhone 4S


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I worked around it by making a "change" (add an empty line at the bottom of the note) to my notes via the pc app (and some via the web). The notes were then pushed into the iPhone app. Defenitely not ideal...


I should be able to just sync them all into the iPhone app!

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