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(Archived) Tag view is pale and unreadable. How to change font/color?



Just got my first Apple laptop, and so far so good on OS X 10.8; but, not so good on the EN 5.3.0. EN lists the folks who built this version, and I am told that it was a "built with love".  I have no reason to doubt that, except for the Tag View.  This view was shown no love at all by the developers.  To the contrary, poor little Tag View has been demoted to being quite nearly invisible. The background is pale grey, and the font is pale grey too. The result is that TagView is very difficult to read, or even use.  Is there a setting that can change either the font color or the background color?  Has EN published, here or elsewhere, any comment indicating that they are aware of this issue, and that they actually consider this to be something that needs fixing? thanks for any suggestions.

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thanks for the link. EN has not acted on this issue, which was raised more than half a year ago, and there is no way for us mere customers to have any idea whether it is on their list of problems to fix.  This is the second deal-breaker that I found in the mac version.  So, bye bye mac version, until it becomes something that I can use.

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