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Cleared and done reminders


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In the Windows desktop client, is there a way to see a list of reminders that were cleared or marked as done on a specific date or range of dates? Before EN 5, I kept each of my action items as a separate note (following TheSecretWeapon) and then when I completed an action, I added the date to the title and tagged it "action completed". I know that's a bit cumbersome, but it allowed me to recap what was accomplished that day or that week by looking at my note list with that tag.


I'm thinking I can now accomplish this with the reminders if I can learn how.


thanks for the help.

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Currently in the Windows client, marking a reminder as done or clearing the reminder will not update the note's updated date. Neither will moving a note to a notebook or adding/remiving a tag. So as best I can tell, if you want to know when the task was completed, you'll need to make a physical change to the note content or title, as you're doing currently.

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I have learned that it is possible with an advanced search function. (I guess the attribute is not visible.)



So to find the reminders that have been cleared today, the search string is



Alternatively, you can use absolute datetime values like this to search for items cleared as of Oct 6:



I haven't figured out the syntax for items cleared BETWEEN time periods (last week only, last month only, etc.).


I'll have to think about how important this is for my workflow. Using the syntax, I need to stay on top of clearing items in a timely manner, or else they won't get picked up by a search. Using my old system, I can deal with them in batches when I find the time to evaluate my completed items.

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The search worked for me, but you have it misspelled in your post. "reminderDoneTime:" pulls up all of the reminders that have been marked as Done from most recent to latest. While I'd prefer to be able to have "Done" reminders remain in my list until I manually move them to "clear", the search makes it easy enough to find old reminders.

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