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Evernote 5.0.2 and Web Clipper



Thanks a bunch for 5.0.2. Not only are my Livescribe notes chopped off but the Web Clipper has stopped working. This is the error message I get:


We can not establish connection with Evernote application.
Most likely you have 'Enhanced Protected Mode' enabled.
To enable Evernote Clipper please perform Following Following steps:
1 Navigate to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced
2 In Security section unmark 'Enable Enhanced Protected Mode'
3 SaveChanges
4 Restart Internet Explorer
If it does not help, please submit support ticket at http://support.evernote.com


Of course this does not solve the problem


And while I am here thanks for the crappy live chat facility......

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I was unhappy that they broke the web clipper, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise: because of the clown show that the roll-out of the web clipper turned into, I held off on upgrading to Evernote 5 because I was afraid that the same lack of rigor in testing the web clipper would happen with the desktop client. As it turned out, my fears were justified: a quick look at the forums for the Windows client reveals that a significant number of people are unhappy with the new version, which seems to be having the same sort of problems as the web clipper, i.e. not working the way it's supposed to. It's a real shame that this is happening: I really like Evernote,but releasing these products before they were ready is a real black eye for the service, and the inability to fix the issues is just an embarrassment. A company with integrity would admit that the products weren't properly tested, roll everyone back to the versions that were working properly, and then set about doing the testing that should have been done in the first place. Unfortunately, it now appears that the company's policy is to make its customers unpaid beta testers.

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