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Export my pocket.com data to evernote easily?

Mark Lyford

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On iOS the pocket app lets you export an article to evernote with the full article view not just an excerpt.

Indeed, this works and is handy. I wish this option were available after activating 'bulk edit' in the ipad app. I found IFTTT recipes that do this, too (as mentioned above). The most popular one only sends the link to Evernote, but other recipes make a PDF that is then saved to Evernote, which is better.



Is it possible to automatically delete Pocket items after they have been exported? This is a nice way to archive and save space in Pocket (it takes 600Mb of space on my ipad!).


Additional idea:

If you want to free space in Evernote (mostly on your ipad, because it has limited storage space), you can consider moving all exported articles to a local notebook. This means they can no longer be read online and on the ipad, so it is for archiving purposes only. But it could save a few 100 Mbs.




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