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(Archived) (no) email client used for sharing notes


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When sharing a note by email, an odd email prog. is used to send the mail with the note attached.

The other day I made an error in one of the email adresses and only after 4 (!!!) days EN pointed out to me that the mail could not be delivered. Something a modern client (like gmail) would have done instantly.


I also have to type or copy/paste my email adresses, imagine a list of recipients. EN would say: Invite them for using EN but with temporary groups like classes, workshop members and so on, it is not doable.


Why not make a email cliet connection/plugin to send email with notes attached?


Or am I missing something?

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I'm sure it's on a list somewhere,  but if you think about it,  building an email sending function that correctly links a web or a local note to any one of dozens of web or locally installed email clients is probably harder than building a new email client along the lines of Thunderbird or Gmail - which is a pretty good project in itself.  Plus people use email clients as organisers and calendars so a 'pure' email version won't encourage more people to flock to the Evernote banner.  There's no commercial advantage for Evernote in spending any more than they absolutely have to in providing the function.  That's why it's probably at the back of the back burner waiting its turn.

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I don't really care for the way in which the e-mail text is formatted. So, lately I have been emailing the note to myself, in my gmail account. From gmail I forward to my recipient so that I can use what Gmail does better. It is an extra step, but not really all that taxing. This might be something worth trying for now. Maybe someday, Evernote and an email service will work together.

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