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(Archived) How do I clear old Tags that keep coming up in when I try to assign tags to a note

Brandon Krieger


I just learned how to properly use tags and had a couple of hundred that I deleted. I also recreated a system of tagging. The problem is every time I try to tag a note the old tags that have been deleted keep trying to auto populate. They are cached somewhere. 


How do i clear them so only the active tags come up?


Thanks you 

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Ah. When you said deleted, I assumed you meant that they weren't assigned to any notes.

If a tag is not showing up in the tag list, but is showing up in recommendations, that's a bug.

Have you reported it to support?

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Hi Adjusting, 


 Thank you for your response which is great to remove tags from the tags list.  What I am asking for his when you are assigning tags to a note and start typing all the auto generated suggestions start to come up. How do you clear them. There are ones on the list that I deleted from Evernote years ago that are still coming up. 


Thank you 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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