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(Archived) A suggestion to improve search by tags

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Have a "tag mode" in the search box, triggered by typing, say "tag:" or ctrl-t that immediately shows a list of the tags you can select.


The filter should update as you type, limiting the tags shown to possible partial matches, just like when you add tags to a note, but with one difference – after you select a tag, it shows you a further list of tags that the selected one has in common in other notes.


Once you select a tag, by scrolling the list with arrows and hitting return, clicking on it, completing it, etc. the tag should be highlighted (like when you tag a note), but then the list should be updated to show the tags on all the other notes that have the selected tags.


For example:


I type ctrl-t and a list of all the tags pops up.

I type "Tra", and see the following on the list





I select Travel and continue, typing "Ro", and the list shows the other tags from all notes tagged "Travel":






This would let me quickly drill down to the notes that I have specifically tagged. I often don't want to see all the notes that contain the keywords, but just the ones I have tagged that way. Typing "tag:" before every tag, and remembering to add quotes if the tag has a space in it, etc. takes time and discourages me from doing searches that way. Even worse is moving down to the "add search option" drop-down and adding tags that way.



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Sounds like a good idea,  but I can imagine it would be stunningly confusing to be typing tags and have others popping up all over the place..  still,  tag management needs a revamp - maybe something can be done?

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