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Transition from appstore version to site download version is too long?



After the transition from win to mac os I used version of AppStore. But there is no beta channel , which I used to use a windows- version , and, of course , update major versions also come with a delay. And I decided to go to site download version.


After reading the forums and knowledge base that go to the version from the site is very simple - get out of the version of the AppStore, download the version from the website - and then it would do all that is necessary.


At first it was, the installer will ask what to do with the previous version (remove selected) , and then began to copy notes. Within a couple of hours of copying notes (came to 6.5 GB) , and since it "copy notes"  more than 20 hours. In this case, according to the system monitor, the program does not hang , there is something going on (ie the numbers of system indicators are updated).


The question is: Does there the installer copy the notes for so long , it's normal , and just need to wait for some more time (how much ? ) Or whether it is an emergency situation and need to do something about it ?


Notes I did a lot - more than 16,000 . The base itself on the size just about such as the so - 6.5 GB.


Naturally, the premium account , but as I understand it, then he is not to blame .


Please suggest what to do next ? Continue to wait or cancel the process and try to install all over again?


Thank you!

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Just wondering how things turned out for you Riraha. My Evernote is copying notes from the App Store version to the standard downloaded version, and appears frozen (1.8GB account on Mac OSX 10.8.5)


(or maybe an Evernote admin wants to chime in?)


I'm also wondering why the App Store version of Evernote appears so far behind the standard downloaded version...

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I JUST created an account, 1.2MB in size.. tiny... and it's taken more than 30 minutes so far. Good 'ol.. 'wtf?'.

This sounds a bit odd to me. Could you give us more details? Support can also help out on Monday.

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