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Request: Automatic Tagging Based Defined Keywords



We are investigating solutions for scanning comment cards into Evernote for my workplace. The comment cards are 6 x 4 post cards that a visitor can drop in a box or mail to us regarding their experience visiting our institution. In preliminary tests, we think Evernote can work well for us. We are ecstatic about EN's handwriting recognition capabilities -- certainly, much better than we were expecting. In a nutshell, the plan is to:


  1. Have a staff member scan comment cards into Evernote (as PDFs) using a document scanner
  2. Review and tag each comment card, now as note, in Evernote (for example: compliment, complaint, department, etc.)
  3. User Evernote to bulk email notes to specific managers (appropriately tagged notes are crucial for this step)


It's important for us to use tags rather than notebooks as the primary organizing method, as a card might include comments that need to be reviewed by several different managers. Since our process is heavily dependent upon tags, it would be useful to have an option where notes can be auto-tagged based on predefined keywords. For example: If the card has the word loved, tag the note with Complement and/or if the card has the word docent, tag the note with Docents Department.


The goal is to decrease the time it takes for the initial reviewer to process each comment card.  We believe that this kind of feature could save many Evernote users time by providing accurate auto tagging.  We have tried auto tagging via email, but unfortunately, this method does not seem to be very accurate.


I have spent several hours searching forum topics regarding this kind of functionality. Various iterations have been requested over the years. Apparently, there was something similar to this feature in earlier versions of EN (Windows ver 2.x, I believe), but was for categories. I'm not sure if categories were more like notebooks rather than tags, but nevertheless, the feature was removed in subsequent releases. Hopefully, this kind of functionality can be implemented for business users, or better, both premium and business users in the future.


Thank you.

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