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Sharing... I'd rather not



My work is confidential, and I often do not want to save Skitch images to Evernote. I really preferred the older version of skitch, where I could save images to my disk and access them through Skitch. But that seems to be gone.


I would like to be able to choose to use skitch only on my local machine, and one of two changes would make that much easier

  • Provide a preference so that I can turn off the warning that I am discarding a skitch note that appears when a note isn't saved.
    I would like to take a snap, annotate it, and drag it to my disk, and then repeat --- without having to mouse over and click on the damn 'discard this note' dialog every time I take a new snap.
  • Or, alternatively, have skitch recognize that I've saved the note locally, and and don't put up the dialog at all.

It would also be less annoying if I could launch skitch without it trying to make me log into evernote every time. At least I can use the "Do This Later" button to avoid that, but why not just give me the local skitch functionality -- especially since those who wish can enable auto login.


I understand Evernote is trying to monitize their investment in skitch, but you really can't force folks to use something they don't want to use, you can only be annoying enough to drive them away. Skitch is a really useful tool -- I'd be sorry to have to find something else.

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