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(Archived) Reset Formatting On New Line OR Header Classes

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Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this post (please advise or move if able)


It would be nice to have either one of these features – or both :)


Background: When I apply formatting to say, a section title, I almost never want or need that same formatting to continue on the next line. 95%+ of the time I want to go back to the default font to actually write the content


Unless this setting exists already – I'm on EN for Mac primarily, please advise if someone knows how – I'd like to propose that either:


a) Hitting "Enter" removes formatting to default (this would probably need to be a preference on/off), or else ...


B) There were "header classes", much like the WP visual editor uses.

Then I could choose "H1", "H2", etc. from a drop down, hit enter, and I'm back to "p"

Since this is such a common practice, to make it even better would be having a keyboard shortcut to assign header classes, e.g. cmd+shift+1, 2, etc., (again, removing the class on "Enter")

How much faster would that be?


As it is now I need to nitpick my way through my document, changing formatting sometimes every other line manually (which usually involves a size and bold change), slows me down and cause quite a few extra keystrokes, which add up at the end of the day (ouch!)


I like Evernote because I consider it a timesaver vs. a traditional word processor (probably the #1 reason I use it), so anything that supports that should be important IMO :)


Thank You

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