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(Archived) Someone in China is trying to change my Evernote password. Suggestions?


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I have received four emails from Evernote in the past two days stating:


"We have received a password change request for your Evernote account [xxxxx] from:

Operating System/Browser: Android/other


Estimated location: Hubei, China

If you made this request, then please click on the link below.  [Reset password]


   Reset Password   


This link will work for 2 hours or until you reset your password.

If you did not ask to change your password, then please ignore this email. Another user may have entered your username by mistake. No changes will be made to your account.


The Evernote team"


Do I really "ignore" this or is someone in China trying to hack into our system?  Any suggestions?

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Like the email says someone may have misquoted their own email address and hit on your own,  or it could be a failed attempt to get into the account.  If you are concerned I'd raise a support request and attach a copy of the email.  It has expired by now,  so you don't need to do anything else..

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Today I got two new attempts to reset the password, again from China.  Do I raise a support request here and attach the email here in this forum?  The website is not very clear about how to "raise a support request."  Attempts to find support lead you here to this forum.

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