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(Archived) Suggest tags when searching

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Our company has very recently started using Evernote Business and primarily on a Windows OS (Windows 7).


Very happy with it so far but I have a suggestion or maybe someone could point me in the direction of a possible workaround (I have tried searching the forum but couldn't find a similar topic).


When performing a search, it would be helpful if the search could automatically suggest some of our tags to us. For example, here are a few tags we have:


  • @SQL
  • @C#
  • @XAML


I also have other notes with different prefixes along the lines of / . : # all that denote different areas of specificity to the note (e.g. @ refers to the area of programming).


The problem with not having suggestions is that it relies on the users to know the tags beforehand when searching. I can see that there is a "Recent Searches" list that appears but that does not necessarily provide me with that I need.


However, when you add a tag to a note, it does exactly what I'm after. For example, as soon as I hit the character / it displays the relevant tags for me as suggestions:




The note search knows what I'm looking for as I have to type tag: or notebook: so it can gather the suggested items to show if the user inputs the relevant query commands.


Any comments would be grateful.







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