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Feature Request: notes inheriting tags from saved searches


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There's probably a better name for it that that, but here's what I think would be great because it would save me a ton of time.


If I am in a Saved Search that (E.g., notebook = Action Pending and tags = @work, 1-Now), and I start a new note, the note inherits those attributes from the Saved Search.


They already inherit the folder, of course, but it would be great if the tags would be assigned too.


This would save a lot of typing and clicking.


Especially since it is faster to remove tags than it is to add them.



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If you want to create a new work item with specific tags (and possibly a standard layout), it may just be easier (in the absence of the feature that you want) to create a template note, and use the Copy Note functionality to make a copy of the note into the appropriate directory.

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