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(Archived) Text selection via keyboard, Windows


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Can anyone please tell me what keyboard commands Evernote uses for text selection? Evernote doesn't seem to follow the standard conventions. Example - in nearly every other Windows application I use CTRL-SHIFT-UP ARROW will select all text on the current line up to the cursor. CTRL-SHIFT-DOWN ARROW normally will select all of the following text on the current line. Are there direct equivalents in Evernote Windows? 




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Not sure that that's a standard Windows shortcut. It doesn't work in NotePad, for example. In Word, It doesn't quite operate as you suggest; instead, Ctrl+Shift+ArrowUp selects to the start of the current paragraph; Ctrl+Shift+DownArrow selects to the end of the current paragraph. In the NotePad++ code/text editor, these shortcuts swap adjacent lines.

On the other hand, Shift+Home and Shift_+End seem to do what you want to do in all of the programs I mentioned, as well as in Evernote.

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