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(Archived) Ads in Evernote???

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Today I started up Evernote and saw an ad for Travelocity as well as noticed that Evernote was "syncing ads". No offense to anyone, but as a paying "premium user" the last thing I want to see advertising cluttering up my screen. I can't find any information on built-in advertising anywhere in the support area.

I'd like to hear what Evernote's plans and policy on advertising are, since there doesn't seem to be any information available on the web site (or please point me to the URL if I'm wrong).

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There's a wickedly long discussion about adds elsewhere in the forum - the free users can't shut them off at all. As a premium user, you can shut it off - plus, there's an option under Options > General to show (or not) advertisements. When I first ran EN after updating it, I saw the one ad, and then made sure to disable the "show advertisements and promotions" option. Haven't seen any more since.

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Ditto. I didn't know that and I searched Evernote's support web site and FAQ for any information on the ads and their advertising policies. I never thought to check to see if there was a new preference. It might be helpful if the new version put some sort of notice about the ability to turn them off.

I have no problem with free versions of software to be advertising supported, people who expect a commercial product like this to give them everything for nothing are silly, but paid versions should never have ads. I see now that I can disable them, but advance notice would have been nice!


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