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(Archived) [Wishlist]: bookmarks and comments



Hello to all,


I am posting two features that I think that would be a excelent addition to evernote.

- One of the features is allow bookmarks in notes. Bookmarks that could be used for searchs and for navigation in long notes

- Another feature is comments in notes. Comments that could be useful for shared notes and notes for self.


Regards and keep the good work

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one more thing :)


Another sugestion is add style headings (like in HTML H1,H2 and H3) that could be used to generate index/document map in notes. This styles could be also used to seach.

Using the previsous features we could create links in notes to another notes or points in notes (bookmarks).

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Could you use Skitch to do the same thing? I use Skitch to make notes on very, very long PDF's. When synced with my EN account it shows the notes first followed by the document (in EN that is). You can of course add annotations to the text.




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