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(Archived) Reminders - Poor Change on new version for IOS

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Hi Team


Reminders was something that a lot of users were expecting in Evernote and you make it , so well done !!!


However with the last update on IOS you've change the way that Reminders are shown.


In a previous version you could go to your reminders via a small tab on th left and that will show a column on the left with all your reminders. If you choose one that reminder will show the note and it kept the reminders column on the left for you to keep checking other reminders.


With the new reminders there is no column, now the app will show a floting menu with your reminders and when you choose one it will take you to the note and the floting menu will disappear . So if I want to check another reminder I need to go back and search for reminders again,


This way kills me because when you are running a project you need to have on the same view all your tasks ( like a project plan)


I don't know why you've change it but if you are not going to implement this again please don't touch then the Web Service as you can still use the old way.


Anybody else have the same issue?


 Very upset aswell with the missin part of Evernote Locations


In any case I can only thank you for your good work all these years :-)


PS: Sorry for the long post


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