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Capture Full Web Page (From URL) - Missing, or am I super-blind?



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Skitch 2.x has not had full page capture in over a year. The reason we had to remove it was the when 10.8 came out Apple changed the way apps could interact with one another making it much harder for Skitch to work with Safari to capture webpages. The old method that was used was no longer viable with 10.8. 


We still have this feature on our backlog to solve the problem, but unfortunately at this time we do not have an ETA. 

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I wish I had known this. I never would have bothered digging up my Evernote info, resetting my password and downloading the new Skitch to use. This feature is used 65% of the time I use Skitch. I don't need to use Evernote for anything except Skitch.

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On August 12, 2014 at 6:46 PM, Rosa147 said:

Since Skitch doesn't have this option, I turned to Snagit and a free online screenshot tool to do this job.

This is NOT free. Free trial, but not free forever. Maybe at the time Rosa147 posted it was, but not anymore.

These aren't perfect solutions as they don't integrate with Evernote currently. But you can just copy and paste without saving the file. 

For Safari, there seems to only be one, "Awesome Screenshot",  though it doesn't work as good as the chrome version. It leaves javascript enabled so websites with sticky headers = image with the menu repeated multiple times in the page. It doesn't do this in Chrome. 

For Chrome, there is again "Awesome Screenshot" and also "Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast". Both seem to work fine and both have annotation features. You can always copy and paste into a blank Skitch note to annotate in Skitch. 

Hopefully, Evernote Web Clipper or Skitch will support this feature soon.

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