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(Archived) Weirdness in note list



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Try this. Sync on your mobile device (where you deleted the note) then re sync on your other device. This should send the cache of notes up to Evernote on your mobile device thus allowing a change on the server to all of your other devices.


If this doesn't work I am happy to help in another way.

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Hmm... if this still happens on a fresh sync, let support know. We are working on this actively though.


It seems to have cleared itself up. It's on my school computer which is rarely updated to the most recent version of Evernote (I don't have an admin account).

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The delete process does the following:

1. Marks a note deleted

2. Moves it to the trash

3. Removes it from the original notebook

4. Syncs changes to every note to the server


Emptying your trash does something similar. Often, these large move operations can take some time.

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