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(Archived) Serious synch issues



I have Evernote on my MacBook Pro, my PC and my wife uses it (my account) on her iPad.


I updated a note today on the PC. it synched OK with my MacBook. I updated it on my MacBook and that synched OK to the PC. My wife - who has just updated to ios7 - tried to look at it on her Ipad and it hadn't synched properly and she couldn't get it to sink. Having looked for issues with ios7 synching  she deleted and reinstalled the app. It came back with the note unchanged.


It then proceeded to synch from her iPad to revert the notes on my PC and MacBook. This is just not good enough. It should never be able to happen. Whatever you have done seems to have screwed up a perfectly good reliable application. It needs sorting out asap.

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This seems to be a problem for myself too. I rely on Evernote for my day to day referral to class notes. All my notes are scanned and then imported to Evernote. I find I am having exactly the same problem as you. My iPad just doesn't want to work at the moment. It crashes in Evernote all the time along with the fact that it won't correctly sync.


Evernote have said to my father (another premium user) that they are working on the bug that allows background syncing. However, many people have reported that if you simply uninstall then reinstall the application through iTunes it should do the trick.  


I agree it isn't good enough because I pay for it, however we also have to realise that with a new interface on the iPad comes bugs, and with bugs come frustration. We'll just have to wait and see what Evernote do about it.

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I can understand a bug in synching. But a bug that actually loses information by synching an older version of a note over the newer version and thus causing the loss of the information is well beyond the pale.


I agree that we are in the hands of evernote developers but they need to put their skates on and test properly in future.

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Just found out that I have the same issue. Started the Windows version today and everything was fine. But when the iPad version tried to sync, it synced old data from weeks ago! Even the online notes were synced to older version! I rely on Evernote for my work, so this is just horrible!


Any news on a sollution?

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I'm having the exact same problem.  This is terrible.  I just lost an important update to a note because the program isn't checking the dates and it erased my updated note on my PC with an older version on the iPad.  How can this basic feature of the program get screwed up?  Checking for the most recent date and updating the older note is basic stuff.  Please fix this and then I'll consider using this as a serious tool.

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Hmmm. me too. Evernote was working absolutely fine until I downloaded the latest 'update' - version 5.4.4 for MAC


Since then, I haven't been able to use Evernote on my laptop, and it doesn't update. Every 5 seconds there's this annoying message:


'Please check your internet connection or try again later' message.


I have tried:  reinstalling the software 3 times. Deleting & reinstalling again. Looking at preferences, checking internet settings, etc. etc. etc.


I have contacted Evernote through their website on the HELP section 3 times, but still, no-one has responded….


Any ideas?

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