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(Archived) only 1 page of a 2 pg document in EN

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I am scanning in professional articles for later retrieval.  I scan them in and then do OCR through ABBYY FineReader Pro, then save as pdf into my Evernote folder, which is then scanned by EN.  My notes are indeed appearing in EN but in each case it is only the 1st page of a multipage paper, even though ABBYY has treated it as a single document. 


I could just scan and send directly to EN as pdfs but if I understand EN correctly, pdfs aren't searchable in the free version. 


I'm just getting familiar with EN overall and still get confused about what is the best format for scanned items.  In other cases I tried scanning as jpgs but then it creates a separate note for each page.

Thanks for any pointers!



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If you hover over click the single page displayed,  do you get a small menu at the top of the document with arrows to allow you to turn the pages?


-not a good example I know,  but for multi-page PDFs it shows suitable numbers and changes the page viewed.  You can also double click the header and see the page in a pop-out viewer.


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Ahh, yes, now I see it.  I thought I had seen a pg 2 thing somewhere once but couldn't find it on these documents.  I didn't realize it a hover item, since all i was seeing was the first page and I was trying to scroll down to the next one. 

Thanks so much! 


(now off to delete the 10 extra copies I made, trying to force it to take the 2nd page ha!)

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