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(Archived) Feature Request: Startup Sync Option

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What platform are you using? Here is how I currently use syncing on multiple platforms.


1) When I update and sync notes on either my Mac or Windows Evernote: I open the Evernote Application on my Iphone 5, my notes are synced immediately.


2) When I update notes from my Windows Client or Iphone 5.  I open up Evernote on my Mac and they are automatically syncd.


3) When I update notes on my Mac client or Iphone5: I open my Windows Evernote Client and it DOES NOT automatically Sync.  Here is my workaround.

  • I leave Evernote Open on my Desktop (or at least running while my system is locked) and have Evernote automatically sync every 15min.
    • On the windows Evernote client you can go to Tools --> Options.  There is a tab called Sync.  It has some nifty options there.

I realize that solution number 3 does not directly solve your problem; however, it does offer a reliable solution if you want your computer application syncd every 15min.  You can always click the "Sync" button on any of the Evernote applications listed above and have them sync immediately (you need to have an active data connection).

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I update my content on two different Windows PCs (my desktop at home and my laptop for travel).  The only time I have ever had conflicting notes has been because of a lack of immediate syncing between the two.  Also, autosyncing at set intervals is not an efficient use of my bandwidth.  I only launch Evernote if I have an active connection.


Thanks for the response.

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