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(Archived) Help! Cannot see my notes!


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Hi Evernotonians


I am new to the forum. I have been using EN for about 3 years in free version. I have 335 notes arranged in about 20 notebooks. Since last week (possibly related to an upgrade) when I click on a notebook I do not get to see the normal list of notes in that notebook - just one. I cannot access or see the others. Must be some setting. On further looking I am getting only the LATEST note in each notebook.


Can you tell me where I am going wrong?!?!?


Kind regards



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you may have deleted something by accident.

Go to the WEB version of EN (Evernote.com), sign in and see what you can find there.

Everything starts from your notes on the Web.

Also check the TRASH in EN, your notes might be there.


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%Thanks for replying! I don't think anything has been deleted. You can see the numbers (representing how many notes there are)  are there beside the notebooks but they are grayed out. I think this happened since an upgrade but I am not sure - usually ignore upgrade requests


Real problem for me at present as rely on notes for my practice (medical)





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