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(Archived) Note Formatting Issue in Emails


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I share an account with two other users and until recently, have had no issues sending notes with Excel, Word and/or PDF attachments to Evernote. I use the appropriate notebook/tag format in the subject line and have my email set to HTML format. Once I view the notes in Evernote, the attachments won't open or the format is skewed. I've also tried to screenshot images/data, but the Evernote displays these as: [cid: image001.png]. 


I'm not sure whether this is an issue with the account as the other 2 users have successfully sent notes w/ attachments. Open to any suggestions you may have. 



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Hey APin5,


I too have had issues with formatting text in notes with attachments, specifically with text alignment. I'm running Version 5.4.0 Beta 2 (401936) for Mac OS X, and I was wondering if it were an issue exclusive to the Mac 5.4 Beta. Hopefully these issues are resolved in later builds.


- J.

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Yeah. The only work around that's worked for me -- granted it's not a huge issue for me -- is copying and pasting the note plaintext into a new note and reuploading the attachment/photo. Granted, that method potentially wastes a lot of upload bandwidth (depending on whether or not you're on a free or Premium account). But, I've noticed that that uploading/attaching the file after writing plaintext doesn't warp the formatting of the plaintext.


Is this the same for you?

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