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Feature Request: Indentation without bullets



I'd like to request that the ability to indent text without bullet points or numbers be reintroduced to the iPad app (iOS 7). 


In previous versions, I was able to indent any text, but now it seems I can only indent when making a list with bullet points, number, or check boxes. Thank you!

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+1 for the re-inclusion of this as a formal feature in iOS.

I don't know if people already know this but I found it out only recently - a workaround: create a checkbox (aka todo) you can then indent that line, if you then delete the checkbox the indentation remains.

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I could not agree more! I'm dying to have this feature put back into the iOS version of Evernote. I indent quite a bit on the Mac version of Evernote (without bullets or numbers) and find it extremely frustrating that I can't continue formatting a note on my iPad in the same way as on my Mac. Please add this back.

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This request seems to still be open unless anyone has found otherwise?? I have latest builds of iOS apps. Wondering what the response is from Evernote on this request.

Please do not double post. To clarify about feature requests, we can make them, but the developers rarely respond to them, and hints of future development plans are even more rare. Technically, they are never "closed."

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