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(Archived) Better way to select notebooks

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Im loving the iPhone app apart from the messy way of changing notebooks. Ive got about 15 different notebooks for different buckets of information, it was be nice if we had a good way of flicking between them.

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Yep, changing notebooks is messy. Part of the reason is because the "notebooks" don't really exist, they are just a tag and when you "change" you are just searching for all the notes with that tag on your remote database. Its part of the bigger problem: no local files and search.

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Thanks again, its always good to know people are listening and thinking hard about the products we use. The speed increase is pretty easy to see and landscape typing is nice every time its offered.

Here's my thought on notebooks (since that's the topic of this thread). The bar at the bottom of the iPhone evernote screen contains 5 icons: new note, notes, favorites, pending and account. To my way of thinking, account settings are something you won't have to fool with very much after your initial setup, so it could be an item that takes you several clicks to get to without reducing usefulness. However people may change the notebook they want to view multiple times a session, so notebook selection should probably be on that main bar. Put a notebooks icon there that will pop up a list of notebooks in the account. Selecting any notebook should then take you directly to the contents of that notebook.

Thanks for listening.

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Thanks Heather, really glad this is being looked at, it was turning me away from Evernote because it was turning into an unorganized mess! Ive been looking into alternatives such as ShoveBox which just brought an iphone app yesterday - I like that because its quick and easy to get into your differnt folders or organised stuff, my default things go into an inbox to organise later, and items can be sorted into the various folders on the iPhone and then they are syned back onto the mac. Trouble is, as good as that all is, Ive come back to Evernote because of the over the air sync, and being able to get to my information anywhere, anytime.

What would make Evernote great for me is to either have the button to select notebooks thats ben suggested, or when you press the notes toolbar button, it defaults to a list view of the various notebooks. I would also like to be able to organise on the iPhone just like ShoveBox can. At the moment I have manually made an inbox notebook where I put things when im in a hurry, and then later I move the items on my desktop to the correct notebook. I would love to be able to do this on the iPhone. When we select a note to view, perhaps we can have an icon that looks like a folder where we can select what folder the note gets sent to?

Im looking forward to what may happen, for me this would be the biggest improvement ever to Evernote mobile.

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I need this too . . . I have been sitting in limbo with a free account for a few months now . . awaiting the iphone improvements before I upgrade and get serious with organising my data in Evernote.

my MUST haves for the iphone : -

- plain list view - (ie ability to switch off the thumbnail view)

- alphabetical sorting!! This is critical! I already have a ton of notes in the order I like them

my 'would like' for the iphone : -

- slicker way to switch notebooks - outliner or tree or collapsing tags?

Fingers crossed . . . timescale Heather? Pretty please! I wont hold you to it.

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I heartily second Stuartibee's suggestions.

One of the big reasons I am switching from Entourage notes is that there is not a way to organize them into folders, so I have to deal with one big tedious list of notes.


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I second and third all of the above. Great idea, great implementation on the desktop, but the iPhone version still needs quite a bit of work. In addition to the above, I would like to note that the iPhone version seems to be terribly, frustratingly slow. At times, I get so frustrated with it that I wonder if it's worth using on the iPhone at the moment.

Despite the problems, I appreciate your hard work on the ongoing development of this product.

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That sounds great - ive tried out a lot of notes programs for my iphone recently and evernote is about the best but the only thing preventing me from buying a sub was the note changing hassle. Personally I would love it if there was an option so that the default view gave me a list of all my notebooks with a counter showing how many docs were in each and you simply scrolled through the list like the other note programs out there (but of course the other notebook apps out there dont support graphics or pdfs etc!!)

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Evernote staff -- I appreciate the improvements to the iPhone app. It's a great service all around. I would like add my voice to those requesting a simple, alphabetized list of notes w/o thumbnails. Also, since I keep many lists, it might be nice to think about an integrated list manager (with check-boxes, dates, priorities, or a more general status indicator).

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