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(Archived) Feature request: autopaste from clipboard

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I would like the ability to set a switch and have the items I copy to the clipboard atomaticaly inserted into my note. I'm a Mac OS X user now but I used this a lot when I was Windows based and used "NoteTab", a great little text editor with a great cloud of features.


This allowed me to quickly create a note with lots of information and references that I could pass on to others or keep for my own future use.  I could clip from web pages, pdf, text files, text editors, etc.  and have a document with lots of information and references but only what I needed.  When I went back to the document in the future I didn't have to sift through irrelevent info or dig through a web site that had changed. 


Thanks for this great product.  The more I use it the more I like it.  Keep going and you will conquer the world!


-- SolarCoy

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