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(Archived) Lost a large amount of image clippings



Hi all.


I´m in the process of planning a new web application and have used quite a few days of gathering reference material and taking notes. My main note with image clippings had loads of references I were gathering for a mood board. Suddenly - in front of my eyes - the clip disappears from my notebook. Its still listed in my left column but it only opens as a clip in a separate window. But - heres the worrying part. The document lacks at least 75% of all the clippings I have made for quite some time now and I am totally devastated as they are quite essential to my project. As I´m not a premium user I have no possible way og going back in time. But, this must surely be a bug? And - Have I lost all my clippings?


p.s. I restarted Evernote and the note is now under the correct notebook, but I´m still lacking some very essential work.


p.p.s I am not using the web clipper but copying and pasting images from chrome to Evernote




- Colin

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Ok.. This is getting weirder and weirder. Så i opted to pay for premium so I at least could rescue some of the data. And I did recover some of it. I have now been clipping for an hour, visual references, and suddenly pasted a clipping in to the wrong note. So i did an undo and it removed a chunk of my last clips, not just the one i pasted in by accident. No redo either. This is unbearable. This has to be a massive bug. Im losing a lot of work and its extremely demotivating...


I´ll open a support case but It would be interesting to see if anyone else has this problem. At the moment Evernote is actually being a massive bump in the road, not a companion.


- Colin

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