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(Archived) Skitch from IOS does not sync to Skitch Mac...


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After annotating a screen shot on my iPhone I press save to Evernote and it does so, no problem.


My problem is that it doesn't show up in my Skitch for Mac app, like it used to before the IOS7 update.


I've tried to log out and back in with no luck. The sync between Skitch IOS and Skitch Mac is gone...


Anyone have a fix, please?





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@anderslorentsen - This is by design, though depending upon your situation it might not be ideal. Skitch iOS 3.0 now saves the images as a rich PNG, meaning they can be re-annotated by anyone. Since we are not saving them as a rich image instead of as a Skitch note, it has the following Pro's and Con's


  • Pro's
    • Image can be re-annotated using Skitch or Evernote
    • Image can be shared with others (simply drag it out of Evernote) and they can re-annotate
    • Note which the image is saved can have any meta-data changed now
    • Image can be moved from note to note, or note can be moved from notebook to notebook, and nothing will break
  • Con's
    • Images saved no longer have a Skitch type associated with their Note, so Skitch Mac does not see the image in its sync engine

If you want to continue annotating the image after your saved it to Evernote you can do one of two things:

  • Find the image in Evernote and select Markup in order to use the full suite of Markup tools in Evernote (no need to port back over to Skitch)
  • Drag (or Copy & Paste) the image into Skitch and continue marking up from there (you can then save this as a Skitch class note; or drag out as a rich PNG to Evernote or where-ever)
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thanks for your reply.


I´m a blogger and very often, using the old Skitch, I would transfer a screenshot(s) from my iPhone to Skitch Mac for annotation. There after I would drag the edited screen shot into my Wordpress. I see now that I can do the same from Evernote, but fore me its just slowing down my workflow a lot.


I just hope you guys would consider making it an option to revert back to "the old way" and make skitch and Evernote be in sync. Seems like a simple thing?



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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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