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(Archived) Temporarily going to Premium?

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OK -

I just want to confirm something before I ***** myself up.... I've looked around and haven't found the answer to this question, so I'm sorry if it's someplace obvious and I've just missed it, but I would like to know, if I go Premium for a month (in order to 'load up' a large volume of documents that I currently have sitting all over my harddrive in pdf form) and then go back to Basic the following month, I'm not violating anything and ***** myself up.

I have a work account that I bought a year of Premium for and that's great, but I have this huge amount of backlog of personal things that I keep in a personal account at Evernote and it might require a couple of months of Premium to get it into the system. Will that work?

Thanks in advance and I love Evernote - I had been using a TiddlyWiki to manage stuff (and still do for certain things) but I think Evernote rocks!

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All of your uploaded data will be there, but any premium content you have attached will no longer function properly should you need to import it from a backup for any reason.

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If Jim becomes a premium member for 1 year and uploads several GB of scanned documents, zip files, etc, can he download those files after his membership expires? Thanks!

Absolutely. The "monthly upload limit" is just a limit on the amount of new data that you can put into the system each month. Once it's there, you can grab it out of the service as many times as you want.

You would be effectively limited in editing existing attachments on existing notes, however. If an existing attachment was a Premium-only file type (like Excel), you could view it, but you couldn't save changed back into Evernote unless you were Premium. Even for Free file types like PDF, you may find that editing from the Free account may be less useful due to the limited upload allowance -- every time you edit and save a 5MB PDF back into Evernote, you would use up another 5MB of your monthly quota to save it back into the service.

This is just relevant for the attachments embedded within the notes. You can go and edit the text around these attachments directly in Evernote with only a small impact on the quota, regardless of the type of any embedded attachments.

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Once you are a paying member, you have the "Cancel" option within your account. Once you click that, your account expires on its next "anniversary" and is no longer charged for service. You remain at your current level of service until that date.

So, if you buy an Annual membership on January 1st, hit the Cancel button on January 2nd (but don't ask for a refund, you really want the year's membership), you'll be Premium until December 31st.

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