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(Archived) Skitch 3.0.1 iPhone 4s lags?

C High

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Running iOS 7.0.2 on my iPhone 4s and Skitch 3.0.1 (~9 gb free space ATM) seems to be very "laggy". Sometimes it takes 30 seconds to respond to anything or the app crashes. When I initially updated it to 3.0, I didn't notice it being so slow, but I didn't use it heavily before 3.0.1 was released. I uninstalled, rebooted my phone, and reinstalled. That seems to have helped a little bit (it's no longer crashing like it was), but it still lags quite a bit.


Is it just me? I would hope that the phone shouldn't be too far out of date, yet.  I'll be upgrading my phone here in about a month. So, I can probably get away with mostly using Skitch on my Mac.

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@C High - One of our QA Engineers is going to reach out to you about your lag. We are not seeing much on our test devices, but it we want to gather some info from you in order to diagnose the slowdown. We spent a lot of time trying to get Skitch as fast as possible and did extensive testing on 4S and 4.

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