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(Archived) Different tags appearing from one notebook to another

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Hi All,


New here, so hello!


I've been an EN (Premium) user since Jan 2013 (Latecomer, I know) and it's revolutionised the way I do things. As a consequence, others in my life are now having to work around me and EN!


I share a couple of notebooks (one full of general, 'normal' typed notes and the other full of a mix of emails/notes/.pdf/scans/etc) with a colleague of mine and I can't for the life of me work out why she can only see my tags list (and/or use them) in one of the notebooks and not the other. The permissions on the two notebooks are identical, both were created by me (Premium) and shared to her (free user), yet she can only use my tags list in one.


I must be missing something, as the former one works perfectly, and exactly how we would like it to (i.e. she can only use my tags, not add new ones of her own, meaning she has to use my brain map/logic when tagging my notes, so to speak).


Any help greatly appreciated as this is driving me round the bend!




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