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Audio notes from iOS not playing in Win v5 (release)


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I tried finding another post on this topic, but didn't find any, so forgive me if this is asked & answered--


When I record an audio note on my iPhone or iPad, I can't play that note back in the Windows client. It plays back on Mac and both of the mobile devices, but not in Windows. It appears, but when I try to play, it shows the start and end times as both "00:00" and never plays (see screenshot below). They used to work in the Beta release of v5, but the full release version does not seem to work.


Does anyone else have a similar problem, or should I just uninstall/reinstall?





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Hello, rgcorcoran!

I have the same problem.

I posted it here: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/10252-cannot-playback-audio-attachment-m4a/?p=231903.


P.S. Here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/24994-help-unable-to-play-wav-files-within-note/

John D have a workaround:

WORK AROUND: i can get them to play in Windows (7), though sometimes this happens in Evernote and sometimes in an external player. If you right click on the rectangular box thing that should play the recording, and then select OPEN, it will play. Awkward, but it works.

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This is still an ongoing issue for me.  The only work around I've found is right-clicking the audio file, using 'save-as', and then playing the saved file from the hard drive.  Not a very elegant or practical solution.



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