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(Archived) Evernote freezing and crashing when I try to annotate pdfs

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I am SO unhappy with the Evernote and Skitch updates. I was only using Skitch to annotate pdfs and I was really happy with it. The update is a complete change in direction of the functionality, and I have no use for Skitch anymore, so I've uninstalled it on my iPad. It was VERY frustrating to log into Skitch and find all my pdfs gone, and having to go back to Evernote and redownload them.


I wouldn't mind so much, except the pdf annotation tools in Evernote do not work AT ALL. Every time I go to use the annotation tools it is impossibly slow, freezes, then crashes. I'm paying for a Premium account and getting absolutely nothing for my money. My support ticket remains unanswered.


Anyone else having issues with pdfs? I have a brand new iPad 4 and updated to iOS 7 last week. I am pretty furious about this. I've never seen such an appallingly unsuccessful update. What I found to be a really useful tool that warranted my monthly payment is now useless to me. The disparity between the Mac versions (where Skitch, at least for now, is still useful) and the iOS7 versions makes a mockery of the whole concept of syncing.

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