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(Archived) New Evernote-look = No notebook-icons .... Why?


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"Evernote - Remember Everything" - eccept witch notebook is shared with me or to others - thats up to me now to remember ??? - seriously ?

One upon a time (before current update) Evernote had green or blue notebook-icons (with arrows or to lille guys) so the user easily could see the status of each nootebook (private, shared with others, shared with you). With the new evernote-look every notebook looks the same ... why why why ??? ... :huh:  :huh: :huh:  
(pardon my french :D )




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Because the developer had not Evernoted where they had put the icons? This has been asked for many times, but we will not be told when it will be fixed until after it is. Which could be months/years away. Very frustrating, I know. But that's the way Evernote works ...

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I agree that this needs to come back.  The new Evernote 5 for Windows is hard to know what is what between personal and shared notebooks.  


The only way I've been able to tell is to look at the Notebook and click on the title.  (see attached).


Very confusing.


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